1989 Review

I have never been the biggest fan of Taylor Swift, but this album is pushing me to change my mind. “1989,” released October 27, 2014, reveals Swift’s musical transition from a sweet country singer to a rocking mainstream pop artist. The album contains expertly constructed, although sometimes slightly repetitive, tracks about getting over heartbreak and having fun. Reminiscent of the 1980s, the album is appropriately titled after Swift’s birth year. Track-by-Track Review

  1. Welcome to New York- Fast paced and catchy, Swift tells a tale of a fun night in the city. This track seemed a little too artificial for my taste, but would be great for a car ride with the girls or to dance to alone in your room.
  2. Blank Space- A smoldering love song. The beat is a perfect mix of deep bass and quick electronic tones, and the lyrics are incredibly relatable. Swift connects with the any listener who has ever experienced a relationship that did not exactly end amicably while showing off her beautiful voice.
  3. Style- This track has a “beginning-of-the-relationship-wow-you’re-cute” message. The music behind the soft spoken lyrics is a mix of electronic tones and a typical Indie-style note composition.
  4. Out of the Woods- I don’t really like this track. The lyrics are incredibly repetitive, and they don’t seem to have a very deep meaning– the chorus just repeats different combinations of “are we out of the woods yet.”
  5. All You Had to Do was Stay- A bit too electronic and high pitched for my tastes, this track is another one based off of a broken relationship. The lyrics are relatable, but fairly basic.
  6. Shake It Off- Easily one of my all-time favorite songs, “Shake it Off” has held the coveted Number 1 Spot on the Top 100 Billboard for weeks now. The tune and lyrics are incredibly catchy, and make any listener want to jump up and dance. Aside from their excellent beat, the words actually convey an important message: “don’t let negativity bring you down, just keep doing your thing.”
  7. I Wish You Would- This track comments on Swift’s desperation to get back a lost lover. Aligning with the album’s electronic feel, the beat is perfect for dancing.
  8. Bad Blood- With the slowest beat on the album and a different presentation of Swift’s voice, I enjoyed this track. It seems like an anthem for the empowered girls who realize that they can’t be “friends” with their ex-lovers.
  9. Wildest Dreams- A smoky track, Swift’s voice almost sounds like Lana Del Ray’s in “Wildest Dreams,” utilizing her signature mixture of low spoken notes and high breathy pauses. The lyrics are beautiful, and plead a man to “say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, even if it’s in your wildest dreams.”
  10. How You Get The Girl- Almost an instruction manual for establishing a great relationship, the lyrics to this track actually give great advice when listened to closely.
  11. This Love- Soft and slow, Swift’s breathy tones make this love ballad easy to listen to and almost magical. A great song to fall asleep to at night or to have playing in the background when cramming for that final exam.
  12. I Know Places- Swift shows off her vocal range in this track, and expertly combines an upbeat chorus with a darkly spoken refrain to convey a tale of young lovers.
  13. Clean- This track features a unique xylophone tone in the background that combines with Swift’s voice in a memorable way.