Triangle Rock Club

Suspended 45 feet in the air with shaky arms and sweaty hands, you look down. The ground appears miles away, but the realization that you are indoors and securely strapped to a harness makes the belay experience a safe recreational activity.

Triangle Rock Club is an indoor rock climbing facility designed for climbers of all ages and experience levels. Two locations, one in North Raleigh and one in Morrisville, provide service to North Carolina. I was given the opportunity to attend a day of climbing with a large group at the Morrisville location, and was more than thrilled with my experience.

All climbers must complete signed waivers and paperwork before their first climb for liability purposes. Pricing is reasonable for a day of recreation. A day pass and harness rental total out at 24 dollars, with optional shoe and belay device rentals for an additional expense. A day pass allows participants the option to stay only for a few hours, endure a more lengthy climb, or take a break and return to continue their climb within the same day. In addition to a one day pass, punch cards, monthly memberships, and college discounts exist to satisfy a wide array of needs.

Triangle Rock Club has two large rooms available for climbing with walls ranging from 35 to 55 feet tall at their peak. In both cases the floor is cushioned enough to not require crash pads. There are standard bouldering walls, but also a structure in the middle of one of the rooms, with it’s own cave than you can top out on. The courses are color coded in addition to being labeled based upon their difficulty level. It is very easy to identify what course you are on with this organized system. Entry level climbers, as well as more experienced climbers can easily find a spot to climb without being in the way of one another. The trails are frequently changed or moved about the wall, which creates for climbers a new experience each day they visit.

Four well experienced workers were paired with my large group, and assisted each of us in climbing. The staff is inviting and very helpful, since they all are climbers themselves. I recall getting stuck on the wall, unsure of where to place my hand next. An employee coached me from the ground where he was belaying my harness, and encouraged me to reach the top before giving up.

This was my first belay experience, however, the exceptional customer service and engaging employees allowed for a sense of community within a new environment. One negative I did notice was over-crowding. The facility was large and trails were plentiful, but at the peak of business on a Saturday afternoon I found myself waiting for climbers to complete a course before I could give it a try. I also experienced concerns with the safety of climbing so close to another customer. It is comforting, however, that the workers are very adamant in regards to safety precautions and climbing procedures.

Triangle Rock Club is a safe environment with skilled employees, and exciting courses. This is a fun activity no matter your age, physical condition or ability. Whether you’re interested in a day pass, membership, or even a party, TRC proves to be an exciting and affordable experience for all.