Senior Antonio Andrews

Senior Antonio Andrews endured hurt and discomfort growing up as a child. Growing up with a father who abandoned him, showed him his values, which was to respect those around him, and not be the man his father chose to be.

Andrews shows the characteristic of courage and respect. He learned that family is always there in the end, therefore you should cherish your loved ones.

While growing up Andrews had a rough childhood.

“I learned to cherish what I had… I was the only male figure in the house,” Andrews said.

Andrews mom also had a hard life growing up, which is something they have in common.

“She never wanted to show when she was struggling,” Andrews said. “I’d describe her as a hard worker and an independent women.”

To Andrews family means the world to him. He absolutely cherishes his family and is thankful specifically for his sister.

“My sister, she’s like a second mother, she taught me how to tie my shoes,” Andrews said.