Senior Awards Night

NC SCHOLAR. While receiving her awards, senior Kathryn Gattis earned the Keystone Leaders Scholarship. “I feel really proud of myself, I have done a lot this year,” Gattis said. Photo by Ashley Short.

I AM FREE. While walking across the stage to accept her awards, senior Vanessa Castillo receives the Johnston Community College Stay the Course scholarship. Photo by Ashley Short.

HE DID IT. While meeting guidance counselor Sheila Sheats, senior Owen Bonds gets the NC Scholar award at the senior award ceremony. “I was proud. “I put in a lot of work in my four years of highschool and it feels nice to be acknowledged,” Bonds said. Photo by Ashley Short.

GOODBYE. As the year comes to an end, senior Jakiem Graham went on stage to receive his awards during the senior award night. Photo by Ashley Short.

FUTURE LEADER. While attending the senior awards, senior Jalin Graham receives the 2018 Leadership Awards. Photo by Ashley Short.

IT HAS BEEN FUN. While leaving the stage, senior Savannah Blackburn shakes hands with principal Jennifer Swartz. Photo by Ashley Short.

THE END IS NEAR. While shaking hands with principal Jennifer Swartz, senior Hannah Beckett accepts her awards. Photo by Ashley Short.

THE ATHLETE. Her hard work finally paying off, senior Grace Olmsted was awarded the title of Female Athlete of the Year. Photo by Ashley Short.

IT’S BEEN AN HONOR. While walking on stage, senior Lauren Augustine receives a stole for having high honors. Photo by Ashley Short.

SEE YA LATER. As the year wraps up, senior Logan Woolard attends the senior awards night to receive his scholarship. Photo by Ashley Short.

SCHOLARSHIPS. During the awards ceremony, social studies teacher William Marshall, proudly announces the scholarships. Photo by Ashley Short.

FLYING HIGH. Walking across the stage during the senior awards, senior Martha Diaz receives a high honors stole and a National Honors Society cord. “I felt good knowing that my hard work paid off because I know I am going to be recognized for my accomplishments,” Diaz said. Photo by Ashley Short.

THE END. After receiving his awards, senior Andrew Ryan received a three year Army ROTC Scholarship. “It felt great. I knew I was getting it, but I did not know that they were going to give a whole speech,” Ryan said. Photo by Ashley Short.

SAY CHEESE. After receiving the SECU People Helping People Scholarship, senior Marianna Starkweather stops and smiles for a quick picture from her mother during the senior awards. “I was really surprised and excited because I knew that I applied for the scholarship but I hadn’t been told that I would be receiving it that night,” Starkweather said. Photo by Ashley Short.

THAT IS ALL FOLKS. While ending the ceremony, principal Jennifer Swartz gives her final words. Photo by Ashley Short.