6th Annual Farmhouse Jam

Honoring dearly missed musicians year after year is a great way to end the summer. For the past six years at Dan and Lisa Stahl’s Farmhouse on Sonny Road about four minutes from West Johnston they host the Annual Farmhouse Jam. They provide free music, bouncy houses, food and drinks.

When I first got there I saw cars parked all along the lawn with young kids running around barefoot trying to play volleyball and get to the bounce house. Tents and coolers were set up rows and rows back with tables, lawn chairs and blankets. Pets were able to be off the leash and everyone was close together as if they’ve known each other forever, the positive vibes were overwhelming.

The music genre wasn’t specific but if had an uplifting tone and a fast beat. Many of the musicians got up there and talked for a few minutes and joked around with the crowd. People were yelling things out all over the place and the musician responded along with various crowd responses. If I had to say round about style it was more alternative and throwback music.

A few small businesses were there and had tents with their information underneath it, this year they were selling drinks to raise money for the Furbaby Rescue of NC foundation. They had a 50/50

raffle as well. It was a very relaxed and chill event.

I could see the community really coming together to help make the event better. The Stahls’ had planned to do all the food themselves but the majority of the people who brought food they made or bought too. You could smell the burgers and hot dogs on the grill while you were listening to the music that went all the way into the night. The kids couldn’t stay away and that probably wasn’t just because the bouncy house was close by.

People from all over the yard would come up and talk to you as if you had known them for years. Some were selling personal crafts they made like wood carvings of famous musicians or tie-dyed shirts they did. Most people weren’t selling things though and just wanted to talk to you and make sure you were having a good time, if they hadn’t seen you before.