8tracks Top 10 Playlists

Move over, Pandora. The personalized online radio world has a new top player. Melodies and symphonies tuned to every possible mood are only a website away.

8tracks.com was launched by founders David Porter and Remi Gabillet in 2008, but the smartphone application has recently taken the popular Apple iPhone platform by storm. 8tracks combines social networking and custom radio into one concept– each playlist on the server is uploaded and curated by a logged-in website user.

8tracks owes its popularity in part to the seemingly endless variety of music available through the app. While there is a “skip limit” forcing listeners to stay on a particular “station” if they desire to hear a certain song, the array of playlists allows for continuous browsing and musical experimentation.

I started using the 8tracks app in 2013, and have since discovered ten playlists that, to me, are absolutely perfect. The songs on these tracks range from hip-hop to soft lyrical music, but all awaken my inner musician. The following are in no particular order, and indicative of my personal music taste. 8tracks has something for everyone– don’t be discouraged if your favorite genre is left off of my list!

  1. “animated movies; the way it’s meant to be” by user AMYFARRAHFOWLER– This playlist presents quality versions of classic songs from animated movies in the native language of their movie’s setting. “Once Upon a December” in Russian connects the listener to the true historical context of the movie “Anastasia,” while “God Help the Outcasts” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in French sounds absolutely beautiful.
  2. “Mashup” by user ARIATURUNEN– Combining popular rock and hip hop songs with catchy indie tunes, this playlist effortlessly presents the two genres in a pleasing and irresistible format.
  3. “blame it on the night” by user BEYSUS– These songs are for partying. Rap and hip hop blast from my headphones when I press play on this track, and I immediately just want to get up and dance.
  4. “just listen.” by user IMAGINEDRAGONS– Calm and relaxing, this playlist’s title says it all. Quietly listening to these covers of popular songs by lesser-known but incredibly talented artists led me to discover some of my new favorite musicians.
  5. “arctic neighbourhood in the 1975” by user DARLINGCHAUNI– My favorite bands are easily The 1975, the Neighbourhood and the Arctic Monkeys, and this playlist combines top hits from all three into one easily accessible station.
  6. “#beyonce” by user SIUWAAN– Combing sultry songs from famous hip-hop musicians with tracks from Beyoncé’s newest album, “#beyonce” is a playlist that demands to be danced to.
  7. “Werk Out” by user LOLA.LARK– I hate working out, and especially despise running. This playlist presents motivating and up-beat tracks from all genres that push me to work past the pain and listen to the music instead.
  8. “Fully Submerged” by user LEPUSSYCAT– Electronic “trap” music dominates this playlist. Songs from famed EDM artists Avcii, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and more push listeners to lose themselves in a musical ecstasy.
  9. “Angry Females (pump up)” by user LIFEOFSHI– Songs meant to empower the female and smash the patriarcy make me happy. So this playlist makes me happy. Natalia Kills, Gin Wigmore and more sing with impressive vocals and pointed messages on this powerful playlist.
  10. “disney princess” by user EMILYCERF– I love classic Disney songs, especially the famous princess ballads. This playlist puts Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid and every possible Disney melody on one great track.