A man who had a dream

David Hendershott is trying to help the environment by being a forester as a job.

“I’m helping people with their financial decisions and, looking after people’s timber,” Hendershott said.

He is working hard for what is right for the community.

“I enjoy it as long as it’s helping other people grow,” Hendershott said.

He has a daughter named Rachel who also thinks he is doing great.

“He does good for a lot of people,” Rachel said. “It’s a job that most people aren’t able to do.”

Although Hendershott had to go through 4 years of college, it paid off with a good job and a good reputation.

“I went to NC State to get a bachelors of science and a forestry degree,” Hendershott said.

But it’s not always about the work.

“I get to go to cool, new places and meet new people,” Hendershott said.

Hendershott has many helpers from many places.

“Lots of people help me.” Hendershott said. “Anyone who needs work helps me with my job.”