A New Semester

The familiar sound of the bell, the groups of friends scattered through the commons gossiping, and having to cram the night before a test. That’s just a few things that will never change with the semester.

This week, was the start of the second semester and a huge change in workload for many. With AP classes in the second semester, many students are taking on a heavier workload all for the chance at a college credit.

Not only do the students have do deal with the change of the semester, but so do the teachers. The teachers have to learn the names of even more students, get together the lesson plans and syllabuses for each class, and make sure their rooms are ready for the first day back.

Most people agree that going to school is no fun, but with the start of the second semester it means that the student body and staff is one step closer to summer. With only 5 months left of school, there is still a lot to be done. Tests have to be made and taken, lessons have to be taught, projects have to be created and done, and exams have to be given.

With the student body and staff starting to get into their new routine, the craziness on the first days of the new semester is dying down. The students are getting their schedules fixed, the teachers are starting the lessons, and the staff are getting back into the swing of things.

With the start of the second semester, it also means prom is getting closer. More talk about promposals and prom dresses can be heard throughout the classes. The excitement for prom rising with the date getting closer.

The start of the second semester also means the Mr. West J pageant is fast approaching. The contestants are hard at work preparing to compete for the title of Mr. West J. But the contestants aren’t the only ones working hard. The tech crew, backstage help, and cheer and dance team are also working hard with the pageant approaching quickly.