A Scholarship Hole in One

Gripping the club and swinging with precision, senior Grace Olmstead lands a hole in one to Mount Olive University, where she will soon play golf.

Olmstead, who has been golfing since she was a child, recently won a scholarship to play at a private institution — the University of Mount Olive. The scholarship makes winning students a member of the NCAA for golf, while also providing financial aid. Currently, two other students have received scholarships to play on the team.

“My scholarship is to save a spot on the UMO women’s golf team for the next four years,” Olmstead said. “It is helping pay half of my tuition and will increase every year.”

Scholarships exist for many professions, activities, and more. Winning a scholarship for most is a very exciting experience, with the potential to open the door to opprotunities and experiences. For Olmstead, both hold true.

“I was excited about my scholarship because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and compete with people all over the country,” Olmstead said.

Even though one may win a scholarship pertaining to a certain activity, it does not mean said activity is what a student must or intends to pursue as a major – only that they agree to participate in the activity. Such is the case for Olmstead.

“I intend to major in exercise sciences, which will help me with a career in physical therapy,” Olmstead said.

Still, while she does not intend to major in golf, Olmstead does wish to continue playing past college.

“I hope to play professionally after college,” Olmstead said, “but I am starting with the college setting to compete with better athletes.”