Aiming to Win

20160309_114142Give her a bow and an arrow and she’ll magically transport to her happy place. From shooting paper targets to targeting 3-D replicas of animals, sophomore Ericka Winspear has proven to be a well-rounded archer.

“[My family] heard about it from a family friend,” said Winspear. “We went and tried it and it was really fun.”

Winspear began shooting at the age of nine. She appreciates the many sides to the world of archery.

“It was really interesting to learn new things. I like the competitions and seeing how many people do it and how much they enjoy it,” Winspear said.

Alongside the feeling of competitiveness the sport offers, Winspear enjoys the feeling she gets when she’s at the competition.

“When I’m about to release the arrow I become overwhelmed with a mixture of anxiety and calmness,” Winspear said.

Winspear is a member of the local 4-H club chapter and has been involved with this sport for seven years. She puts in a lot of time during the competition season which lasts from early Autumn to early Spring.

“I compete three times a year and practice the rest of the year. I practice every other Saturday when I can,” said Winspear.

Last season, Winspear brought home both a silver and bronze medal from her regional competition. This past season, she managed to make it to the state level competition and acquire two silver medals.

“I want to get the highest score possible and win nationals,” said Winspear. “To me that would be awesome.”