All County’s Voice

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Students from across the county joined together in song on Thursday, Nov. 19 for the  All-County Chorus performance.

“My favorite part of the show was meeting everyone from the different schools to come together as one to sing for everyone,” said sophomore Jacob LaMunyon.

To be a part of All-County Chorus, students had to participate in a video audition or take a test. Senior Jorge Arita liked the song and decided to take the video route.

“I am in the bass section and we practiced a song called ‘Shall We Gather By the River?’” Arita said. “Ms. Rowe took us into the back room and recorded us singing our part.”

Two weeks later, chorus teacher Amy Rowe informed the students they were in and the season began.

“At the beginning of the season, Ms. Rowe gave us a folder with six booklets of songs and told us we would practice over time–we practiced like four times,” Arita said.

The All-County Chorus season began in September and consisted of two concerts, Thursday’s performance and the Veterans Day Concert on November 11 — and little time to rehearse before both. At the rehearsals they practiced vowels and opening their mouth to project their voices.

“I loved the rehearsing. I learned a lot of technical stuff that I didn’t know before,” said sophomore Ashton Wilkins.

With students from schools throughout the county, there were many new friendships formed in the choir.

“I loved being able to sing songs with some true meaning and to share that with the audience,” said Wilkins. “Also, I loved meeting new people and being able to make music with them.”

After the show was over, the performers looked back and believed they could have done better.

“I think I could have improved on singing louder and focusing more in rehearsals,” Wilkins said.

The audience was cheering and clapping louder than they had the entire night after the final performance.

“The most memorable part was the very last song, ‘Somebody Talking about Jesus,’” said Wilkins. “It was one of my favorites and the audience really liked it.”