All-District Band

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Students fumble with their sheet music and fidget with their instruments as they wait for their audition to start, counting down the minutes.

Junior Hunter Comeford and 30 other band students auditioned for the All-District band, an honors band that consists of everyone in the southeastern district who auditioned and got accepted. Him and nine other students made the cut to represent the school through the band.

“To audition, first you have to tell your band director and there is $5 registration fee. Then we get on a bus at around 7 in the morning and drive to Sampson middle school. Then when they open sign ups you hand them your ticket and sign up,” Comeford said. “After that it’s all just a matter of waiting until your number is called and then going to the audition room.”

Even though Comeford has been in band for seven years, he still had to endure nerves when auditioning.

“The audition process for all district is quite annoying and nerve wracking,” Comeford said. “You register, and then, for me, I had to sit around all day with nerves kicking until I was finally called to audition.”

Him and the other band members, all thoroughly prepared with their music, had to remain composed to get into the prestigious band. Comeford, and others, had tried and succeeded to get into the band years prior, their knowledge preparing them more each year.

“I felt that my audition went pretty well. There were, of course, some small mistakes, but overall it was pretty good,” Comeford said. “This is not my first time auditioning, I’ve auditioned every year for the past three years and made it. I don’t think you ever get less nervous for auditions you just have to learn how to channel the nervousness.”

Comeford is not just stopping at the All-District band, he is also setting his sights on the All-State band and will be advancing to those auditions with three other students. By making a top spot in the clarinet section, Comeford is excited to continue on to an even more prestigious band.

“The All-State band is an honors band for the best players in the state. You qualify by making top of your section at all district,” Comeford said. “I wanted to audition for the All-State band because it’s a very big honor and if I make it I get my picture on the band room wall. Also, it looks good on college apps and if I make top of my section there I could qualify for all nationals.”