At Last

Born into a cage of white blocked walls


Left to navigate the rushing river of the halls.


A new species


Feeling overwhelmed with unease.


The first year unexacting, growing


Young still, not knowing.


New feathers grew in the last year of real youth

Focus sprouting Ideas in the face of impending truth.


The Owners watched and controlled

Carefully checking the lock, not leaving alone


Stunting, Limiting

Forgetting, Ignoring


The need of a chick for freedom

The benefit of never being left as dumb.


Two years gone, spent

The bars containing beginning to be bent.

Sky shining brighter, promising


Darkened as the Keepers broke our wings

Hours of toil to “open the door wider”

As They locked the cage tighter.


Last year, can take no more, plan taking shape

After four years we have to escape.

Feathers of Ideas now colorful and prominent

The labor so ardent


Resolving, providing Opportunities like no other

It finally makes sense, at last we have armor

Bars are widening every day

We break out all at once, flying every which way