Band Banquet

As the school year closes, the band program hosts the annual band banquet to honor the past year and announce the show for next year. The students gathered in the cafeteria and the auditorium to take part in the banquet.

“Everyone ate food, and then we all went into the auditorium for awards,” freshman Aidan Miller said. “We also got the show name for next marching season. Then we had a dance party with Zach.”

Several awards were handed out by band director Lucas Meade at the banquet.

“I did get an award. I received the most improved student in Wind Ensemble this year,” junior Emily Romiti said. “I didn’t expect to get the award at all. It was really nice to find out I actually have won something because I never had before.”

The awards were given to the students in the program whom Meade felt best displayed the qualities.

“Considering the fact that pretty much everyone in the band program is my friend, the awards made me feel really proud of the program and everything it represents,” junior Rachel Hendershott said.

With a new director comes change. Some aspects of the banquet were different this year than in previous years.

“In my opinion, some of the accented values of previous banquets were dimmed this year,” Hendershott said. “There was more value put into the slideshow and the presentation of the show. I think these changes aren’t good or bad, they are just different.”

Senior Jennifer “Paige” Newsome created a powerpoint presentation of photos taken over the past year of band.

“If I were to choose one part of the banquet, my favorite would probably have to be the big picture slide,” Hendershott said. “I love this part because it gives us time to remember all the experiences and everything we have all gone through together. It is a really special moment to relate as a family.”

Many traditions take place at the banquet each year.

“One of the most crucial traditions is the lighting of the candles,” Hendershott said. “Others include the announcing of the new marching band show, awards, the slideshow, and the senior’s speeches.”

The juniors at the banquet were officially recognized as the future of the program. The candle lighting took place, where the seniors light each of the juniors’ candles.

“Something I can take away from the band banquet is the pride that I have aquired from having the opportunity to rise into the current seniors’ shoes as they graduate,” Hendershott said.

The 2018 marching band show was announced at the banquet, and students who wish to participate will have the chance to attend a rookie band camp May 30 through June 1 from 4 to 6 p.m. Contract signing for next year’s marching band will be on June 5 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.