Band Hosts Christmas Concert

Many families have Christmas traditions– eating a particular meal, going caroling or even leaving cookies for Santa are all commonalities. The band hosts their annual Christmas concert every December.
“[The band show] is a lot less hectic than most shows. It basically celebrates the semester’s work and end of the year with some good holiday music,” said Phillip Franklin, the band director.
Franklin helps band members in almost every aspect of practicing and performing.
“He picks out the songs that we play and he conducts them and helps us practice. He helps us pinpoint areas where we have trouble in the songs,” said senior Joshua Harker, a French horn player. “While we are performing, he conducts with his baton.”
Band members are split into two different sections– the symphonic band and the wind ensemble.
“The wind ensemble is smaller and they are more intimate with the sound. Typically, the more experienced people are put into wind ensemble,” said Harker. “Around 70 people will participate in the concert. There are about 40 in symphonic band and 30 in wind ensemble.”
Usually, all fine arts departments are involved in the annual Christmas performance. This year, each department is performing individually for a variety of reasons.
“With an almost completely new fine arts staff, we thought it would be in our best interest to focus on our own departments this semester, and get a headstart on High School Musical coming soon in 2016,” said Franklin.
Although there are less than ten songs being played, the band has been practicing for months.
“We probably started practicing the second month of school. We practice every day in class,” Harker said.
Practice isn’t the only piece of preparation that goes into the performance. There is a lot of beforehand set up as well.
“We have to check lights and sound, make sure the front of the auditorium is presentable and set up our concession stand and Christmas fundraising tables,” Franklin said.
Aside from being entertaining to the audience, the band show is also rewarding to the band members.
“I like being able to play on the stage with everyone in the band, and show off all we have practiced for the past few months. I’m going to miss it a lot after I graduate,” Harker said.