Barber’s Positivity


Although a sophomore, Zoe Barber has her life set for positivity. She has been influenced by both her family and friends. Her McDonald’s manager has also pushed her to search for her own happiness, as well as other’s. They have helped her realize what she wants to do as she gets older, and that involves bringing joy to ones who can’t find it themselves.

Barber said she’s met a lot of her friends at church camp. She said she noticed something about the girls. In her eyes, they were pretending, or faking their happiness. They could have been sad without knowing they were sad themselves.

“A lot of people who have depression seem to be happy,” Barber said. “Being depressed is a really big deal for me and everyone.”

Barber tries to use her own experiences with depression to help others.

“Ever since I started trying not to be depressed, I decided I didn’t want other people to be depressed,” she said.

One way to help with people’s sadness, was to show acts of kindness to strangers, just for them to be happy. She and her friends decided to go to WalMart and saw a homeless lady sitting out front. One of her friends was scared to talk to her, so they instead gave her some money and a few other things they bought.

“Seeing how happy that lady was, it just made me so happy,” Barber said. “And I got to do that with my friends, too.”