Baseball Enthusiast Giangreco


Freshman Ethan Giangreco was squatting behind the batter waiting for him to get a strike. The pitcher throws the ball and he calls out strike. The batter stands ready as the pitcher throws the ball. He watches the batter swing and hit the ball. The ball goes flying into the air above him. He throws his mask off and looks up at the ball coming down toward him. It lands in his hand and he calls out “pop up”.

Giangreco’s favorite thing about playing baseball is being with his friends, having fun, and the fact that it is challenging.

“My job is to call the pitches, the set plays, and I’m the only player that has a full view of the field,” Giangreco said. “It is very important that I am always aware of what is going on, otherwise I can be seriously injured.”

Although he has a good time during the game, he does end up having minor accidents.

“My worst memory of baseball is when I bruised my wrist while playing,” Giangreco said. “I was on first and the pitcher tried to pick me off, I slid back to first and I was hit in the wrist with the ball.”

Giangreco, who has been playing baseball since he was 11, was relatively inexperienced with only one year of rec league under his belt.

“My first D1 travel coach had the biggest influence on me because he took a chance on me,” Giangreco said. “I had never played travel ball before, and I wasn’t the best player on the team.”

He has had many memories through all the years of him playing baseball, but there is one that is his favorite.

“My best memory of baseball is when I hit the game winning homerun the State All Star Tournament,” Giangreco said. “We were down by 2 runs in the top of the 7th inning, we had runners on first and second with 1 out. It was my turn to hit and on the first pitch curveball, I hit the ball out in left center field. We closed out the bottom of the 7th going 1-2-3 which advanced us to the finals.”