Behind the Scenes

Each afternoon musical rehearsals are in full swing as the cast sing and dance on stage. Behind the curtains another group is hard at work. Students in the art club are preparing props for the musical’s set to ensure that a glass slipper is the only thing missing on show night.

“It’s cool to be able to work backstage,” senior Anna Howell said. “The cast is very appreciative and they always compliment our work and thank us for taking time out of our days to make this for them.”

Working while the cast rehearses can also come as an inconvenience to members trying to get work done.

“Whenever they are being instructed or yelling it hinders us,” Howell said. “We have to communicate with each other while we work and it makes it hard at times.”

Staying after school late into the night club members must create good time management habits in order to complete all that needs to be done. Students in art class work on the props during the school day as well, which can take time away from their other assignments.

“I’m in AP art and we have to complete a portfolio by May,” senior Ivette Calix says. “After school and during art class I work on musical props, so it’s been difficult and stressful to finish my portfolio when I have little free time.”

After losing countless clothes to paint stains, the club decided it was time for a wardrobe upgrade. New jumpsuits have been purchased this year to protect clothing from unwanted damage.

“The jumpsuit idea started out as a joke before we really considered how useful they can be,” Howell said. “When we first tried them on we laughed and danced around the art room, comparing ourselves to marshmallows or the Ghost Busters. Something so small and silly made us so happy.”

To improve production the club has implemented new techniques for their art. Squeegees have been purchased to create a realistic wood texture on their new cardboard and wood creations. Props this year are larger than ever before, with a full size staircase and balcony, a cottage accounting for two separate sets and even sixteen foot tall trees.

“We do what we can with cardboard but some things require wood,” Calix said. “We have to be innovative with our supplies and budget when making the most massive props we’ve ever tackled.”

With such a huge workload new members have been inducted into the club to help accomplish the approaching deadline.

“I love art more for the people than being able to paint,” junior Taylor Fipps said. “I consider everyone in the club friends now and it’s exciting to see them every day. I get to learn new things about art from my new friends and will definitely continue my senior year.”

Being a member of the club in the peak of musical season is no easy task. Howell explains why she participates in the creation of musical props and why she has stayed in the club throughout the years.

“On show night I want to watch from the audience and see how the cast uses what we made,” Howell said. “To see something we’ve worked so hard on being used and praised is always a great feeling.”