Being Exempt from Exams

As the school year closes, students prepare for their exams. Although, seniors with a teacher-made exam that have an A or B average with two or less absences are exempt. Seniors still have to take North Carolina mandated exams. Exams count 20 percent of the final grade mark, and the other 80 percent comes from the nine week grades. There has been a debate over whether or not seniors should be exempt from exams.


Senior Amanda Lillie believes the exemption from teacher made exams are a reward for students performing well in class.


“It’s pretty clear they understand the material,” Lillie said. “They deserve to be exempt because they have worked so hard.”


Senior Hunter Hood thinks there are more benefits to being exempt.


“It takes the stress off you so you don’t have to worry about studying for it,” Hood said.


However, some students consider counting attendance to be absurd. Senior Kelsey Ellis will not be exempt from her exams due to her missing more than two days.


“We can’t help if we miss school if we’re sick or have other issues,” Ellis said. “Our absences shouldn’t matter so much as long as our grades are good.”