Biggest Challenges of Being an Athlete

Being an athlete has it’s benefits and challenges for several of the students who play a sport.  Athletes learn to balance schoolwork, jobs and practices all in a day.

For junior John Schmidt, keeping up with schoolwork is the biggest challenge. Schmidt has played baseball since he was five years old. The hardest part for him is time management and being able to find time to do everything he needs to.

“I play baseball because I enjoy the game and being around the atmosphere of baseball,” Schmidt said.

Senior Kori Lawrence has been playing soccer for fourteen years now, and the biggest struggle for her is dealing with the stress of how late her team gets home from practices or games. With most assignments being online now, she can’t access the internet until she gets home to turn in assignments on time.

“I would say the most difficult challenge of being an athlete is the busy schedule with practicing everyday and playing multiple times a week,” Lawrence said. “Sometimes we don’t get home until nine o’clock.”

Cheerleading for junior Britni Mickey has helped her make close friends that are like family but she also faces challenges within the sport. She has cheered for three years. For Mickey, being able to balance homework or a job can be difficult to do, but she just has to balance her priorities.

“The most challenging thing about being an athlete is making sure I have time to do my schoolwork after practices or games,” Mickey said.

Sophomore Kamryn Pottinger has been a competitive swimmer for two years, but has also danced and played soccer for six years. Pottinger swims because it is a good exercise and helps her to relieve stress. For her the most challenging thing is pushing through a hard practice so she can do good during a meet. Although these are difficulties for Pottinger, she loves the sport and makes lots of friends through swimming.

“It tends to get challenging balancing a sport, school, and a job because I don’t have a lot of time for each individual thing,” Pottinger said. “If I ever want to do something with my friends or just relax, I can’t because I’m always busy.”