Brianna’s Boutique

Junior Brianna Slaughter has an affiliation with Legging Army, and she calls it Brianna’s Boutique and all the sales go towards her college tuition. Since she doesn’t own Legging Army, she gets a commission of what she sells.

“I am going to use it to buy my textbooks for the new semesters to come,” Slaughter said.

Legging Army requires a person to be at least 18 years old to be an affiliate. Since Slaughter is not 18 yet, her mom owns the company. Her mom set up their website and gave Slaughter a back office space to use.

“She oversees the business aspect of it and I do the promotional events, advertising, and direct sales,” Slaughter said.

Slaughter is in charge of all the orders that are placed. The costumers give her their name, desired delivery address and clothing size. She sends them an invoice to pay online and then she places their orders.

“I have to say out of all of it I like the people the most,” Slaughter said. “You meet varieties of people who put their trust in you.”

Slaughter’s Boutique carries clothing for children and adults from sizes small to 5x. They also sell maxi dresses, joggers, sweatshirts, capris, shorts and athletic wear. The prices for leggings range from $16 to $20 and her maxi dresses are around $24. The leggings in the Sublimation Series cost $16.

“I really like the prints that we have, especially in the sublimation clothing line,” Slaughter said. “But I mostly like the softness of the regular leggings.”

When Slaughter turns 18 years old, she plans to keep her affiliation going so she can pay for her expenses throughout her college career. She plans on attending UNC Chapel Hill to receive a Masters Degree in Nursing.

“I am going to become a nurse practitioner, so I have a lot of school after high school,” Slaughter said.