Canon Rebel T6i Review

Canon cameras remain at the top of the market. The Canon Rebel T6i is the first Canon I have ever owned and the first DSLR camera. This camera has many settings including a personal setting for you to set any way you like. It also has a rechargeable battery just like other Canon cameras.

This camera has many neat features that make being a photographer easier. It has built-in WiFi so you can connect your phone to it and transfer photos straight to your phone from the Camera Connect app made by Canon. Through this app you can also take pictures through your camera through your phone with the remote live view shooting feature. This feature comes in handy when you need to put your camera in a specific place but don’t want a shadow or where you chose to shoot is dangerous to stand in.

The Canon Rebel T6i is a great DSLR camera for beginners. It is easy to operate and not as expensive as some of their higher end DSLR cameras. This camera has a long battery life making it perfect for long days taking photos. It is a fairly lightweight camera with the more standard size lenses.

One drawback to this camera is that the display screen is stationary and cannot be flipped. This is one feature that the Canon T6i could benefit from to help amateur photographers get used to not using the display when taking photographs.

The Canon T6i also does not have a way to put a microphone attachment on it like their higher end cameras do. This could cause some video clips to have bad audio from wind because the camera does not have a way to connect a wind-reducing microphone.

While the Canon T6i has some changes it could benefit it is overall a good camera for people just starting out with photography. There is many settings to choose from for different lighting situations and subjects. Personally, I prefer the personal setting because you can set up the camera to do exactly what you want it to do. The personal setting is a huge plus and gives beginners the chance to better understand what each setting on the camera does.

I recommend this camera for anyone looking for their first DSLR camera for photography but not videography. The exclusion of the ability to put microphone attachments on the camera could cause audio problems for videographers. But with many settings for different photographs, WiFi capabilities, and it being easy to operate makes this camera one of the best for a amateur photographer.