img_3398Clubs are not a requirement for graduation, but many students and teachers get involved. They provide students with leadership skills, field trips and a way to get to know new people.

Key Club provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. They are involved in many service projects throughout the year.

“I picked this club to give back to the community,” senior Savannah Herrera said.

FFA is involved in many agricultural competitions and also focuses on agricultural education. FFA has many field trips and do cookouts, BBQ plate sales and trips to the fair. They have two competitions each month at either NC State, Mt. Olive, Raleigh or Greensboro.

“I do agricultural sales, which is practicing marketing skills,” junior Paige Wilcox said. “I also do forestry which is basic lumbering skills.”

Art Club is in charge of musical backdrops, the duck tape art seen on many walls and many other art projects around the school.

“My favorite part of art club is that it brings people and artists together,” art teacher Elizabeth Colston said.

The club schedule is posted on the school website for anyone wanting to join a club. Lots of clubs will meet after school to do activities.

Colston said, “Just show up, get involved and be active.”