College Decisions


Deciding a future college can be hard, but there are many strategies to help students decide.

“Student should pick their colleges by seeing if they fit into their criteria,” senior Dylan Reaves said.

College decisions are based on whether they can benefit the students. Setting standards makes the process easier.

“I look at colleges that are affordable to me and my family,” senior Emily Rentz said.

All students look for different aspects of the college and how they can they can benefit from it.

“I specifically look at how far the school is from my home,” said Reaves. “I also look to see if it’s a public or private school.”

Reaves would rather attend a public school because tuition is cheaper. Although, he likes the fact that private schools are more one on one with the teachers. In order for a student to enter the college they have to make sure they fit into all the requirements.

“Some colleges set different ACT or SAT score standards in order to apply,” Reaves said.

Rentz feels she has to really research the college before making a decision. She also says it’s important to decide your college at your own pace, if not it won’t be beneficial in the future.

“After high school I plan to go two years without going college,” said Renz. “This gives me more time to decide what college to choose.”