College in the Mountains

The start of a new year means the rise of a new junior and senior class. While the former still has a good two years ahead of them, their elders in the twelfth grade have mere months before going off to college – and even less time to chose where they wish to study. As the time for graduation grows closer, students begin to seek out and visit colleges as early as the summer between their junior and senior years. While looking at universities, students have many factors in mind: location, community, majors, and extracurriculars.

This summer, I had the opportunity to visit Appalachian State University (ASU). In short, I can confidently say I fell in love, and that many others may, just as I did.

At an elevation of 33,333 feet (1,016 m), the university rests in a comfortable climate. For those who love the snow, Boone harbors an average of nine to ten inches each winter. For those who aren’t fond of the cold, they need not worry, as a bit of warm attire will solve all chills.

The campus is not too big, but it is not too small, either. It is a beautiful place harboring many trees and brick buildings. Most facilities can be accessed from the same street. Aside from educational buildings, there are a number of recreational facilities, including a food hall with a plethora of restaurants. Where extracurricular and clubs are concerned, ASU offers many opportunities, including student media, agricultural clubs, an LGBT center, and even a gaming club. A vast amount of sports are also available, white water rafting, snowboarding, and skiing among them.

Deciding what major to go with is often something students struggle with, throughout high school and even college. Thankfully, ASU offers many to choose from. For students of biology and/or the agriculture, the mountains provide a prime location for first hand experience. The university is also rich in social science courses among others. Go here to sign up for a tour today.

For those who do wish to apply, there are a few things to keep in mind. The average acceptance rate into the university, pulled from 2016 statistics, averages at about 66 percent. Getting in is no pushover, however; the university looks for bright and active students with an A/High B average, good SAT/ACT scores, and a history for public service/volunteer work. Underclassmen who may want a shot at ASU would be wise to begin community service. As for seniors who may be short on service, it is not too late to start – but start now, as the clock is ticking.

Seniors wishing to apply should review their ACT scores. If your scores are low, consider signing up to take the SAT on October 7th so that your scores can be gathered in time to send to ASU in November. The deadline to apply for this test is September 8th.

If you have a love of the mountains and passion for community and unity, it is safe to say that ASU may be the place for you.