Computer Glory

Junior Ashley Short has been into photography and art her whole life. Little did she know graphic designing was her favorite. Combining photography with basic art makes her happy. Graphic design is a combination of words and pictures to create visuals that we see everyday, for example movie posters, magazines, book covers, and ads.

Wanting to change her future is a hard topic to talk about to her parents. Simply because her mother only sees graphic designing as a side hobby.

“She doesn’t believe I’ll succeed into the field of graphic design because it’s not a career field such as the medical field or the business field. She would tell me to do whatever makes me happy in sarcastic way,” Short said. “It didn’t help the situation when my doctor told us that is a hobby not a career and I should do graphic design on the side and have a more rewarding career.”

Short says that she doesn’t feel the need to be extremely successful. She plans on being successful enough to stay the same women she was raised to be. She wants to be the person everyone recommends to a friend.

“I don’t want to be wealthy, I have a feeling that an adequate amount of money is good but having too much money isn’t necessary,” Short said. “ When people have way too much money they being to be cocky and self-centered. I don’t want to change, I just want to be successful and make my parents proud.”

Short discovered one of the many things she is passionate about at the place most people hate the most, school. When she was assigned her first outdoor scenic project, Short used a program to edit her work, that was when she found her true passion.

“I did my first Adobe class my sophomore year,” Short said. “I just had a niche for it and ended up loving it after using the 3D tool in Adobe.”

Short isn’t the big open book, she keeps more to herself about how she feels and her mood. Graphic design changes that, she shows who she is and shows her purpose through her works of art.

“Graphic design is a way for me to express myself through a form of art. My work can change based on what is on my mind not by my mood,” Short said.