Consequences of Dangerous Driving

Each year West Johnston hosts a mock car crash just days before prom. Traditionally, the purpose of this mock car crash  is to show teen drivers the consequences of drinking and driving , but this year organizers decided to do things differently.

Instead, the “mock” crash was caused by the driver, senior Claire Dodd, who simply changed the song while driving. She ended up running a stop sign and crashing into another car.

The reason for the change was that students felt overall distractions while driving is more relatable than driving and driving. Not all teens drink but the majority of teen are guilty of changing the music while driving, texting while driving, or even using the GPS on their phone while driving.

Seeing the mock car crash that was caused just by changing the song really hit home to the junior and senior class.

“I feel the whole school should be able to attend the crash, because the scenarios are relatable to everyone,” junior Emalee Chapman said. “Bringing this to younger students could possibly help them make better choices when they are able to drive.”