Create Your Own Story

Students laugh as they hold their phone up, following the action with their camera. In a few seconds, they’ll post it to a place the whole school can see.

Recently, Snapchat made an update where people can create their own stories for a specific location, which is something entirely new on the social media scene. Since the day the update went up, people have posted to multiple school snapchat stories made by different people. A complete collection of random student moments in school are captured each minute and posted to a place that connects everyone.

Junior Shaneer Heath has posted numerous times on the school snapchat story and likes the unique platform that it has created. She says that when watching it, you never know what you are going to see, which makes it interesting.

“I like that you’re able to do different stories all in one, it’s like you never know what to expect from a variety of people,” Heath said.

Even though Heath loves the update as a whole, she does see a few flaws in the system. She says that to improve it for the school, people should post during after school hours so people can see the events and clubs that operate after school to get people interested. She also wishes for the story to be more private, so not everyone gets her username.

“I think the update would be better if people were more active on it after school hours,” Heath said. “I feel as if there should be one for the district so it wouldn’t be just the school, but everyone in Johnston County putting stuff on the story. I also don’t like it because of how anyone that watches the story that is made gets your Snapchat username because your name appears at the top.”

Junior Grace Olmstead says that she hasn’t posted on the school story yet, but that she enjoys watching videos that can sometimes be entertaining. The different personalities of the school come together and combine into one story that everyone can view and be a part of.

“Sometimes when I am watching it people put weird things on there, like political things or inside jokes that no one really gets but their friends, but every now and then you see something that is really funny that you can share with your friends,” Olmstead said. “I really think it connects the students of West together. When I watch it I sometimes don’t even recognize who it is, all I know is that they go to school here.”

Heath also hopes that the update isn’t used in a way that harms others, but instead used to promote school spirit and to support people that need it. Recently, a football player of the school was sent to the hospital, so people that knew him posted on the school story to show support for him.

“I think it should be used to inform others, for example, when it’s spirit week people should post snaps about what to dress like as a reminder to get students more active in school activities. It can also be used in really cool ways like, there’s been a supporting post regarding a football player that recently had a seizure, so everyone put the number nine on the story, which was his football number, and told students to wear red the next day because it’s his favorite color to show support and that we care about him,” Heath said. “So, I think that having one for West is a great idea, unless it’s used negatively, such as recording a fight or bullying someone. This story could be used in great ways.”