Desilva’s Daily Dilema

Stress not only makes senior Jacob Desilva lose sleep, he also loses hair.

“I’ve had bald spots ever since I was a freshman, but they weren’t big. They started off really small and then grew bigger,”  said Desilva. “When it first started happening, it was really often. Once one bald spot would go away, another one would come back just like that.”

He first noticed the bare spots at the beginning of freshman year. The doctors told him stress in general was the trigger and he was prescribed medicine to regrow the hair.

“It’s like a cream type stuff that they give you. You have to put it on twice a day, when you wake up and when you go to bed. Basically, it just regenerates all the hair follicles back in there, and makes them grow back again,” Desilva said.

Dealing with bald spots at a young age was not always easy for Desilva, especially in the beginning.

“At first I was really self conscious. I was like crap I have a bunch of bald spots on my head. I’m going to be walking around school and everybody is going to be making fun of me and stuff like that– and it happened for a little while,” Desilva said.

Eventually, he gave up on worrying about what other people thought and began to have a positive outlook.

“There’s no point worrying about it, if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen. I just go along with all the jokes everybody makes now. That’s how you get by,” Desilva said.

After almost four years in high school, Desilva has learned the only way to manage his hair loss is to avoid stressful triggers. He still loses hair every once in awhile when he forgets his medicine, but when it happens he tries to remain confident and carefree.

“Don’t let a bunch of this stuff stress you out 24/7. If you have a care free attitude, then you are going to be fine. You can always walk in with your head up held high,” Desilva said.