Divorce: Does it Affect a Student?

Many students live a life where they go from one house to another, either every weekend or everyday. Living a life with divorced parents is not always easy. According to the article “Does Divorce Affect Academic Performance” by Maya Sasson, studies have shown that students who experience divorce do much worse in school. It says that part of the problem is caused by distraction in result of the situation.

For adolescents living with single-parent families or step families, they are more likely to get suspended from school, do problematic things in school than teenagers in intact married families, have more absences or skip classes, according to Marripedia.

I have experienced parental divorce, and I am currently living with single-parents. After seeing both of your parents happily living together for a long time suddenly decide they do not want to be together for whatever reason, is not easy. Although it was hard at first, I was able to get through it and it did not affect me academically in any way, but I was absent a lot. Due to being absent so much, I was at risk for getting held back a grade.

Some people say divorce does not affect teenagers at all. Scientific American says that although teens do suffer in the “short run”, they recover rapidly after the “initial blow”. Researchers found that some teens are more relieved from the divorce due to their parents constant fighting.

I think that some solutions for the conflicts would be to tell your parents what you feel and how you feel. I also feel that communicating, and having a good relationship with at least one of them will help a lot with coping with the process. Lastly, I would try not to be in the middle of all of their problems, or to be the “messenger” for either one. I feel that that creates stress for the person coping with the divorce because the problems are supposed to be between the parents.