DIY This Halloween


Halloween, the one night of the year where you can transform into anything you aspire to be. While many students will scramble to stores to buy their costumes, some will stay at home to concoct their own.

“We felt it would look pretty cool if our entire group was corresponding for Halloween,” freshman Alerea Roberts said.

When her group of friends decided to go trick-or-treating together, they chose  an Alice in Wonderland theme. Roberts’ costume includes a vest, tutu, red shirt, bunny ears, collar and pocket watch.

“I was inspired by the fact that my group of friends decided to do an Alice in Wonderland theme,” said Roberts. “I chose the rabbit because I think the rabbit was an important character to Alice, since he was the reason she went through the hole.”

Going along with the same group of friends as Roberts, freshman Amber McLaren decided she will dress up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She’ll be using a ribbon as her headband, a blue dress from the thrift store that will be modified and an apron.

“My friends actually wanted me to be Alice, and I like her, so it all worked out,” McLaren said.

When looking for costumes, freshman Aiden Wilson and her horse, Cherokee Indian Bar Spice, are the ones to ask. Their costume is wet paint, a play on words since her horse is a “paint”, a horse that is brown with white splotches. It’ll require caution tape, washable paint, glitter paint, a paint brush, overalls and a “caution wet paint” sign.

“I got the idea to dress up with my horse after a costume contest at a show I went to,” Wilson said.

For a touch of creativity, look no farther than freshman Jessica Tayloe. This year Tayloe is designing a costume of her own imagination. She is making a humanlike deer with antlers, makeup and a dress complete with sashes.

“When making your own costume it is a process of trial and error to find one that fits your body type,” Tayloe said.