There’s excitement in the air for dancers. With DanceMakers Inc. coming closer dancers are preparing for a six day long convention and national competition. Dance studios across the country travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to participate.
Freshmen Mary Wood has never been to DMI but yearns to go with her friends from the studio she attends.
“It sounds like so much fun,” Wood said. “The stories they have to tell and the inside jokes they get from going make it seem like a good time yet tiring. They go and dance for hours every day of the convention and then go to the beach and the dance teachers cook them dinner in the hotel room.”
Junior Tesla Center has heard of DMI but has never attended.
“It would be a good learning experience,” Center said. “But with dance classes for the competition team I’m on and dance team summer practices I just never have time to go.”
Sophomore Colby Jackson will be attending DMI for his second year this summer. He loves the experience he gains during this short time.
“I learn a lot in just a couple of days,” Jackson said. “It’s a lot to take in and it is a lot of work too. But it’s worth every second for those that are serious about dance.”
Local dance teacher Alicia Howell loves getting to see her students in the environment of DMI.
“They learn so much and each year I can see progress being made over the course of the convention,” Howell said. “It always makes me smile to see them sharing their passion with other dancers and enjoying themselves while learning.”
Wood enjoys hearing the stories her friends have from the convention.
“They can’t ever stop smiling while they are talking about what happened at DMI,” Wood said. “It makes me happy to see them so happy from just something as simple as a dance convention.”
Center sees the benefit of this costly trip for a convention.
“There’s a lot of opportunities for those who go,” Center said. “They have multiple classes to choose from with different teachers at different levels. But many people aren’t able to do it because the convention itself is over 300 dollars and then there’s all of the other expenses that come with going somewhere for multiple days.”
Jackson can’t wait for another year of DMI with his friends. He is looking forward to being able to help one of his best friends through this convention.
“I wouldn’t go to DMI with anyone else,” Jackson said. “The group of people I go with make the experience even better. Which this year one of my best friends is going for her last year at the studio and she’s never been before. It’ll be different being the one to help her and guide her since she’s always been the one to help me and guide me through my first year on company and clogging team, having my first solos, and my first year of clogging. But it’ll be a good different I’ll finally be able to pay her back some for all of the times she’s helped me and guided me through dance.”
Howell is excited about this year’s trip to DMI with her students and other teachers from her studio.
“This year is going to be even better than the past years,” Howell said. “My daughter is coming with us this year and we have a group of really strong students coming with us. Everyone coming from my studio is either a teacher or company member and each and every one of them is amazing and the students are so excited that it makes me smile just thinking about them coming to DMI with us.”