The Fall Frenzy

Photo by Melanie Langness

Crisp, crunching leaves, children squealing as their bags fill with candy, and teenagers screaming as their favorite ride flips and spins round and round. Cozy evenings by the fire with a cup of cocoa to fight the chillier weather. The end of September marks the beginning of fall– and fall in North Carolina means fun.

The fall season officially began with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. While the day held no obvious immediate physical changes, it marked a new era of excitement in the community. From October to November, NC residents have quite a lot to look forward to.

“Fall is my favorite season because of fairs, football, and cold weather,” senior Paige Simons said.

The North Carolina State fair in Raleigh is being held from October 16 to the 26. Residents consider the fair an NC classic. Many have been visiting for years.

“…I attend the state fair regularly. Ever since I was a little baby,” junior Jake Strickland said.

The state fair holds more than just crowds, rides and prizes.

“My favorite part of the fair is the corn and the ham biscuits and the John Deere ice cream…I love to ride the rides,” Strickland said.

Fall excitement continues after the fair closes. Halloween, falling on Friday, October 31 this year, follows soon after. Children spend days searching for the perfect costume and bag with enough  space to hold mountains of candy– along with teenagers and young adults.

“I went last year… In my opinion, you’re never too old to go trick or treating,” freshman Haley Barefoot said.

Teenagers still think the “night of hallows” holds plenty of fun, even for an older crowd. High schoolers dress up as their favorite characters or concepts and go door-to-door alongside tiny toddlers.

“I go with my little brother and sister…I was a caveman, I was the Hulk, I was a deer hunter, I was Batman,” Strickland said.

Fair food and Halloween candy fill stomachs for most of October, but November hosts the holiday synonymous with “full.” On Thursday, November 27, Americans celebrate the peaceful feast held between Native Americans and the Pilgrims long ago.

“We get together and we all make contributions to the dinner and then we pray and then we eat. We eat turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, blackberry pie, grasshopper pie, and a lot more,” Simons said.

For many families, Thanksgiving is more than just an opportunity to gain a few pounds. Yearly traditions and unique family foods are common.

“Well, each year we do skeet shooting, me and my uncle and my papa we go turkey hunting and kill a wild turkey for my aunt to cook for the family. Every Thanksgiving we go to the mountains to get a Christmas tree,” Strickland said.

For some, the happiness of the holiday season is soured by the change in weather.

“The worst part of fall is when it rains and it’s kind of cold, like that cold rain… the wet leaves stick to everything,” Barefoot said.

Fall activities aren’t limited to specific events or holidays. Sometimes, relaxing in a backyard or park is just as entertaining.

“My favorite fall activity spot is probably anywhere wheres theres like trees that have the fall colors, that way I can take pictures of them,” Simons said.

The fall season is a community favorite. New activites, different weather, and anticipation for the holidays fuels a feeling of warm excitement throughout the state.

“I love fall,” Simons said.