Family Is Everything

Personality Profile 1 Anna By Eryn ishler

The laughter of Junior Anna Gillespie fills the air as she and her family are having a nice family meal. Gillespie and her family have a close bond that will never be broken. But two people have been special role models in her life. Her mom and dad have made her the special person that she is inside and out. Gillespie says hard work and a positive attitude makes a person successful in life. “Working to make good grades, doing the right thing in bad situations,” she said. “My mom and dad have made me into the person I am today.”

But, Gillespie says that she and her mom can talk more openly than her dad and her. “I can basically tell her if I am having a bad day at school, bad relationship or just a all around a bad day,” Gillespie said. She also says that her mom understands her more because she is a girl and not a boy. If she was a boy, she would open up more with her dad and go to him.

One of her favorite traditions that has been celebrated by her family for many years is baseball. “My family has been going to baseball games all over the country, especially with my dad and brother,”Gillespie said. “The furthest I have been is in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Gillespie has always had one memory as a child that she holds near and dear to her heart.“I have to say it was when i was little, me and my family every other Saturday morning we would go over to my grandma’s house to have breakfast and just spend time there for a few hours,” said Gillespie. Gillespie also states that she remebers her uncle running around the house like crazy after he would prank all the family members.

Gillespie hopes that what her parent’s taught her about working hard for what you want in life, makes her future bright. She says that work ethic her parents taught her will get her far in her future.

She says animals have always interested her. She remembers all the wonders they brought to her curiousity.“Ever since I was little,“ said Gillespie.“I think a job working with animals would make me happy in life than any office job or working in another field of work.”

Gillespie hopes that she can teach her children someday what it takes to get far in the world is what she learned from her mom and dad that not everything is handed to you and you have to work to achieve your goals to dream big!