FBLA Competition Victories

Anyone who enjoys public speaking, leading, serving or even taking tests should consider participating in the Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, competition. There is enough variety of events to suit everyone.
FBLA hosts several competitions at various times in the year. Each competition has over 100 events to compete in. Seniors Casey Ford, Ally Henry, Allison Holt and junior Ariel Andrews all won awards.
“You will be competing against anyone and everyone. I was competing against students from high schools all across our region. It really depends on the contest,” said Ford, the first place regional winner of spreadsheet applications.
Some contestants must lead projects or speak publicly. Ford had to ace a test.
“Depending on your category, you compete against other people face to face. For my category, I don’t see who I’m competing against– I just take a test,” Ford said.
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Holt is also a test taker. She won a first place award in computer applications for the state and the region. Although it is a prestigious award, the competition didn’t worry Holt.
“If you think you are going to place, you probably will. It’s literally multiple choice tests and production tests,” said Holt. “I felt like I was a pretty good test taker, so I chose to take the test. Most of it is just common sense stuff.”
Amanda Fisher, the FBLA advisor, played a role in her students’ success.
“Fisher is our biggest motivator. She pushes us outside of our comfort zone a lot, which only makes us more successful,” Ford said.
The goal of all competitions within the business-oriented club is to make students better business leaders.
“It’s a good club. You learn a lot and you’re exposed to so many more business ethics. We have to dress up and act professional,” Ford said.
Aside from making students more business-like, any victory can also be put on a college application.
“Last year, I placed first in both regional and state in spreadsheet applications. I placed seventh place nationally in the same category,” Holt said. “I put my all my awards on my college applications. It makes me look professional.”
Enough successive victories can bring travel opportunities.
“If you place first in state, you get to go on to nationals– which I’ve been to twice. It’s kind of cool because not many people get to go to that. Every year it’s different, but this year nationals are in Atlanta,” Ford said.
Although travel opportunities may sound enticing, they aren’t mandatory. Students only participate in the competition if they want to.
“The competition is just a part of being in the club, although it is optional. You only go if you want to go,” Ford said.
For winners in particular, the club is definitely rewarding– even outside of travel opportunities and a business environment.
“It’s honestly just a really good club to be in, and it looks really good on college applications and job applications– especially in the business world,” Ford said.