FFA Hosts Fishing Tournament

With exams around every corner, stress relievers are in high demand. When good books and long naps have lost their appeal, fishing is always an option.

On Wednesday, May 20 the FFA (Future Farmers of America) is hosting a fishing tournament. Students are to meet at the Ag Shop, and disperse from there to whatever local pond or lake they feel has the most fish.

“Member of the contest can fish anywhere they want to, but it begins at the school,” said sophomore Caroline Towles, the FFA president.

Unfortunately, going to fish may be a problem for those without a ride. Luckily, there are plenty of other students who will be willing to lend a ride free of charge.

The fishing tournament is 2:35pm to 5:30pm, it begins directly after school,” said Makayla Hackney, the FFA treasurer. “Everyone meets in the Ag shop to begin with. After that it’s a free for all, where you go to any pond in our general location. Then everyone meets back at the Ag shop in about three hours with any fish you’ve caught.”

Fishing is only a piece of the tournament. Students are also encouraged to participate in the cornhole contest directly after.

“At 6:00pm the cornhole tournament starts. There are signup sheets outside of Coach Blake and Coach Honeycutt’s rooms. It a tournament with a big bracket– anyone can sign up. It is free for FFA members and five dollars for non-members. Everyone is welcome,” said Towles.

The annual tournament usually brings in plenty of contesters– between twenty five and thirty, according to Hackney.

“I would encourage everyone to come. It’s a good thing to do before exams start. Its a friendly competition, and we usually get a pretty big turnout,” Hackney said.

Any potential fishers still wary of competing should talk to an FFA officer. The officers, along with Towels and Hackney, as as follows: Alyssa Barbour (vice president), Sydney Staryak (secretary), Candace Hales (reporter), Garrett Wood, (sentinels), and Paige Wilcox (chaplin).

“Although the tournament is held almost every year, it is up to the officers whether it happens or not. They vote and make the final decision,” Towles said.

The rules and regulations involving sign-up are fairly laid-back. Whether it’s fishing, cornhole, or both, FFA ensures a convenient sign-up process.

“Students do have the option to choose to do just cornhole or fishing if they want to,” said Towles. “Wednesday during school is the last day to sign up.”