Find Your Own Rhythm


Finding is rhythm senior, John Simon started playing at the age of 10 and never stopped.

“I found it intriguing to make and play a beat of my own,” Simon said.

Simon also started playing the drums because it was fun and interesting. He likes that he can make a combination of beats.

“Drumming is made up of so many cool and different rhythms,” said Simon. “The musical structures aren’t found in other instruments.”

Playing has impacted his life a lot over the years. He feels it’s made him a better performer.

“Drumming has also lead me to band, which is a big part of my high school experience,” Simon said.

Simon explains his motives to join band were first just to pass time doing something productive. Over time it became one of his main priorities.

“My siblings did it so I just decided to give it a try, and it would be fun to do after school,” Simon said.

Simon likes that band is a fun thing to do after school. He considers himself determined at every practice because it helps the performance.

“I want to play good for the drum line so I don’t let them down,” Simon said.

Band is a teamwork effort to him. Simon believes everyone can learn something from each other while performing together.

“When I perform I’ve learned not to be scared because we perform as a unit,” Simon said.

He gives advice to anyone who is new to performing.

“Just go for it and don’t rush it,” Simon said.