For Sale to Sold

Who knew that watching TV shows could influence one’s passion? Well for Gabriella Beaton, it did just that. Now she’s planning her whole career to become what she’s always wanted to be — a real estate agent.

When Beaton started watching TV shows on HGTV, like “House Hunters,” “Flip or Flop,” and “Million Dollar Listing,” when she was young, she developed a love for real estate and figured that she wanted to be a real estate agent when she grew up.

“Sometimes I would even pretend,” Beaton said. “I would go out in the neighborhood and take out the papers from for sale signs and take them home with me.  I would pretend that I am selling the house.”

Beaton wants to live up to her dream and sell houses in several top travel destinations around the world.

“Greece or Bora Bora is the where I’ve always wanted to sell houses,” Beaton said. “Because of all of the honeymooners and travelers there. I also like water and there is a lot of it in Bora Bora, and I also love Greek food. But if that is too big of dream I would stay in America and sell houses in upstate New York.”

Because of all the high-end commercial in upstate New York, prices and demand for houses rise and rise, and that would mean more money for Beaton, but that’s not always the case.

“One month you might make sales but another month you might not,” Beaton said. “So it really depends on how much money you earn.”