The Freshman Conspiracy Theorist

On a dark and clear night, a few years ago, freshman William Ivey looks up into the starry night, and something catches his eye. It’s a slow moving, flashing light across the night sky. He looks to the internet and realizes others see it, too.

It was on this night that Ivey found his passion that he would follow for many years to come.

Although Ivey discovered his passion on his own, he credits a close relative with inspiring him.

“My uncle grew up believing in ghosts and aliens,” Ivey said. “If anyone got me into conspiracy theories, it would be him.”

Ivey knows that some won’t approve of his passion, but he chases after it anyway, for a specific reason.

“I want to uncover the truth,” Ivey said. “I like the thrill of uncovering the secrets someone tries to hide.”

When the Illuminati spread across the internet, Ivey decided to look deeper into the theories about the secret organization.

“I believe they’re out there,” Ivey said. “I believe they’ve gained power through the government, but haven’t corrupted it yet.”

Ivey’s favorite theories are ones about the government. One of his favorite comes from someone he used to know.

“It’s where the government enforces martial law and sends the rebels to death camps,” Ivey said.

Back in 2012, a popular idea about the world ending interested many people. Ivey’s thoughts on these ideas were different, though.

“I don’t believe in those theories, since most of them aren’t backed by real facts,” Ivey said. “Most are backed by something spiritual.”

Ivey knows that some people think his theories are a little unbelievable, however he doesn’t let what others think stop him from pursuing his passion.

“Most people think I’m crazy to believe in these things, but they’ll see when I’m right,” Ivey said.