Freshmen Fears

Entering any new world is daunting, but the world of high school can be especially intimidating to a teen. For freshman Caleb Karie, walking to class and seeing 6-foot guys walk the same halls, some even sporting beards, can be pretty intimidating.

“I didn’t know how they would react to me considering that i’m years younger than them,” Karie said.

Although upperclassmen are a common fear among upcoming freshman, another big one is getting lost. One tip that can’t be said enough is to walk to classrooms before the first day. Though carrying a map might seem dorky, it isn’t a bad idea to keep one at hand in case of emergencies. For freshman Elly Kelso, her biggest fear was getting lost.

“I didn’t think I would know a lot of people, so if I couldn’t find my classes I would have no one to help me,” Kelso said.

It seems as the years go by, teachers assign more and more work. Course load can be especially rigorous for students striving toward acceptance into a top college.  Freshman Courtney Christ knew the work would be hard and was thankful that she had a sibling at the school.

“My sister gave me some of her notes from freshman year and she helped me improve my studying techniques,” Christ said.

In today’s society, high school is not like it is portrayed in the movies, students are given more options for extracurricular activities, attending school dances, pep rallies, and and the ability to join clubs.

“I thought everyone would be really rude but most people are actually really nice,” Kelso said.

Though freshman year seems daunting at first, it is simply another rite of passage that everyone has to go through. Enjoy freshman year while it is here because waiting right around the corner is sophomore year.