Freshman on Varsity

Everyone has certain talents. For freshmen Connor Hill , Anna Barbour and Courtney Christ they have a talent for sports. They are all freshman on a varsity team.

“It can turn someone away because it can be too much, others thrive and perform better than you thought they could,” Jarman said.

Being a freshman and playing with the older kids can impact the way they play. It is more competitive and the coaches expect more out of you.

“You expect them to work harder in order to become better for the privilege of playing on varsity,” Jarman said.

Being on varsity at a young age allows an athlete learn from top players. Jarman explained that he chooses his players based on how they perform in the weight room, at practice, and games.

“Being on varsity you have way better competition and get to go up against guys who hit harder and who are faster than you and it pushes you to do better than them and show you belong,” Hill said.

The coaches have expectations for their players, but on varsity they expect more.

“My coach expects me to be able to keep up with the upperclassmen and to always have a positive attitude,” Christ said.

Even though the players are younger, the team still accepts them as one of their own. They support each other and the players push each other to be the best.

“This is the best group of girls I have ever played with because everyone gets along and we are always encouraging each other,” Barbour said.