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With warm candles, steaming food, and good friends with booming laughter, Friendsgiving is a rising tradition for adults, teenagers, and millennials alike.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for families that either live far away or close together to gather and celebrate and give thanks for each other. While normally it is centered around family, today, people are putting their own twist on it by centering it around their friends.

For many people, their friends are their “home away from home”, treating them like they are actually family. Friendsgiving is a way for people that live too far away from their family or are too busy to go home to give thanks for the people who are important in their life, other than their family.

Distance isn’t the only reason more and more people are joining the friendsgiving band wagon though. Many people are taking part in this new tradition so they can celebrate the holiday with the people they are around most before heading off to their original homes. College kids and young adults who are just starting out their family make new friends during their lifestyle changes, so this is a way for them to connect with each other.

Whether it’s in a cramped and dimly lit dorm room with cheese puffs as a main side dish or an extravagant home cooked spread shared in a nicely furnished house, the purpose of friendsgiving doesn’t change. It can be filled with people you’ve known your whole life, old high school friends, new friends met through a job or school, or even your neighbor you’ve only talked to a few times.

While having practically two thanksgivings is fun, friendsgiving is also great for people who don’t have a family to go home to. It’s a chance for them to get together with the people they care about and celebrate the holiday, even if they don’t have anyone else.

Good food and good friends is a good combination the people of this generation are catching onto. While the traditional thanksgiving will be filled with the always fun nosey aunts and “look how big you’ve gotten” comments, friendsgiving is filled with friends meeting friends and funny jokes not always told at family gatherings.

With a holiday that is centered so much around tradition, a new spin on it for a new generation is something to be thankful for. Your family isn’t always the only group of people that are important to you, so friendsgiving gives way for more people to make lasting connections with their friends and stay in touch with those they love.