Giving Thanks to Those Who’ve Helped

Thanksgiving rolls around, and families across the United States prepare to gather and share thanks with one another. So, too, do students and friends.

High school and the teenage years can be stressing times for many youth. How each affected youth copes with their life struggles is different, but there is often someone to come along and help them out of their struggle. Senior Emalee Chapman is one such adolescent.

As a member of the Dance Team, Chapman has a passion for performance, and would like to thank the director of dance  for inspiring her.

“I’m thankful for Cheri Crabtree because she has inspired me to become not only a dedicated dancer but a person,” Chapman said.

Without Cheri Crabtree’s help, Chapman is might very well be lost with her identity.

“If it weren’t for her,” Chapman said, “I don’t know who I would be today.”

Chapman intends to continue dance after graduating and wants to pursue it in her education.

“I want to major in dance performance or at least do something with dance such as a club,” Chapman said.

Sophomore Alexandria “Alex” Avery  struggled personally her freshman year, and would like to thank the teacher who helped her regain confidence.

“Mrs. Kemp helped me with believing me,” Avery Said. “Freshman year I didn’t think I was gonna pass, but she believed in us and told us to never give up. I wanted to thank her so much for it, and now I finally get to.”

In a time for giving thanks, the door opens to offer gratitude. Many have stories to tell and people to thank. Perhaps they cannot give thanks right away, but the chance may come.