Gulley’s $10,000 Deal

After saving over $10,000, senior Ashlyn Gulley drove away with a 2011 Chevy Camaro without stepping foot into a dealership.

“The idea came about when we couldn’t find a car I wanted. My dad found the car auction website and thought it was a good place to look,” Gulley said.

The Camaro from the auction was only $8,000 because it was in an accident and the front was damaged.

“I think that it was a good financial decision because I got an amazing car for around half the price it would have been if it was not wrecked,” said Gulley. “The hardest part about fixing my car was taking the parts that were wrecked off the car and figuring out what parts we actually needed to replace and if any parts were missing.”

In the end, Gulley and her family spent around $1,000 for the quarter panel, bumper,  tire and rims.

“I would do this again because I can get a nice car for cheaper than it would cost if I just bought it off the lot,” Gulley said.

Even though Gulley’s dad was in charge, Gulley was still a part of the rebuild.

“My dad was the one who did the one doing most of the work for my car, but I helped him out by handing him tools and helping him put stuff on the car,” Gulley said.

The entire process of fixing the car took about two months.

“I think the time and effort was worth it because I really like my car now and I’m happy we got this one,” said Gulley. “I didn’t have a backup plan if something didn’t work out.”

Not only does Gulley have a new sports car, she has a new-found respect for having a rebuilt car.

“I think that I take more care of my car than someone who just bought it off a lot because I appreciate the effort my dad and I put into my car to fix it and the time that it took.”