Hannah Skinner

It was Senior Hannah Skinner’s freshman year of high school. She was performing her first ever dance solo. She started to twirl, then slipped and fell in front of the entire audience.

“I got up and walked off the stage crying. It was definitely my most embarrassing moment,” Skinner said.

Skinner is a competitive, mainly contemporary dancer. She has been performing for 10 years and competing for eight. She started dancing as a little girl.

“My mom started dancing when she was little,” Skinner said. “She really wanted me to dance, but I just wanted to do karate.”

Skinner eventually got into dance and ended up loving it. She went to an art high school where she majored in dance. Now she is on a competition team which she competes against other teams.

“We practice five hours every night. We work out and condition for 3 hours, and were exhausted when it’s finally time to dance,” Skinner said