Hannah’s Harmonious Hair

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Pocahontas paints with all the colors of the wind, but senior Hannah Penny puts them in her hair.

“The most interesting thing about me is that I have a ‘weird’ hair color. I have been dying my hair different colors since about eighth grade,” Penny said.

The dye in her hair is not to follow a trend, or to stand out in a crowd. She uses it as a form of personal expression– like a painting or sculpture.

“Over the years my hair color has become less of a fashion statement and more of a part of my character. Just as much as my artwork is a big part of me. What started out as just a one time thing grew into a part of my personality,” Penny said.

Within the past four years of high school, Penny has changed up her look multiple times for multiple reasons.

“They have ranged from neon green, half pink and half blue and even a lavender-grey color. I tend to alter my hair with the seasons or just when I am feeling bored or need a change,” said Penny. “I consider my different hair colors a big part of my character and I hope to never have to change that part about me.”