Harry Potter and the Cursed Child



If I could say two words to J.K. Rowling and friends, they would be “thank you.” Ever since I could speak the spell “expecto patronum,” I was hooked to the magical fantasy world that the Harry Potter series had to offer. When I heard that Rowling, the creator and author of the Harry Potter series, was releasing a new book, I was ecstatic. A continuation of the books that sparked my curiosity and inspired my creativity will bring my childhood back to life once again.cursed-child_0_0


The announced installment isn’t actually a book, it’s a screenplay. The screenplay is for the stage production of the newest addition to the franchise. Rowling collaborated with Jack Thorne and John Tiffany to produce their newest adventure entitled: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that is due to have its first showing at the Palace Theatre in the West End of London this summer.


The play is set in the future of the Wizarding World where Harry Potter is now a worker at the Ministry of Magic while his two sons James and Albus simultaneously attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It revolves around the past catching up with the present and his son dealing with everything that Potter left behind at Hogwarts, the biggest being his legacy. This play is sort of a big deal in the community of fans. This stage show will continue a world renowned story of hope based around an underdog and his eccentric friends and family


After the books w20-harry-potter-play.w529.h529ere published, read and a movie was released, everyone wanted more. Personally, this play seems like the right thing to do after leaving Potter fans with the scene of Harry and Ginny seeing off their children off to school in the Deathly Hallows. I’m ready to see where Rowling takes her fans this time during the two-part adventure.


Being that the stage is significantly smaller compared to the larger sets that the movies provide may limit what the production will be capable of showing. Also, effects are limited to real objects and not computer graphics. Despite these unfamiliar aspects, I doubt Rowling and her associates will let the public down. Also, the casting directors have cast popular and award winning stage actors and actresses to play main roles such as Jamie Parker, Noma Dumezweni and Paul Thornley as the adult versions of Harry, Hermione and Ron.
I cannot contain my excitement about the Cursed Child play. As soon as the screenplay is available, I will find myself in the nearest book store standing in line with my fellow Potterheads.