How Do You Balance Your Time?

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Juggling rigorous courses and playing sports may not be everyone’s thing. However, there are certain students who handle being a young scholar and an athlete.

“I focus on school activities when I’m in class and at home,” said sophomore Fabiola Martinez. “When I’m on the field playing soccer I don’t worry about assignments.”

Martinez explains how soccer balances her schedule out.

“I try to keep my class work separate from soccer,” said Martinez. “It really helps me release stress.”

Martinez has been playing soccer since she was eight years old. She feels the sport has been a passion of hers ever since she started playing with friends and family.

“When I was little the sport always seemed really fun to play,” said Martinez. “I mainly grew up watching the sport with most of my family.”

She’s plans on playing college soccer with the motivation and support of her family.

“My favorite thing about soccer is everything,” said Martinez. “My father always pushes me to do my best.”