How Students Feel They Did on AP Exams

The past week, students have been taking their Advanced Placement exams. Some students have mixed feelings about how they believe they performed on their exams.

Junior Hunter Davis took the AP environmental science exam on Thursday, May 10 and the AP US history exam on Friday, May 11. Davis has mixed feelings about how she did on her exams, but feels like she did her best on it. Davis used her time wisely and spaced out her time on each exam so that she would be able to finish them all on time.

“I think that I did better on the AP earth environmental exam because Ms. Heather Earp helped to prepare our class and make sure we were really ready to take the exam and do well on it,” Davis said.

Some of the things that Davis did in her classes to prepare for the exams were writing free response questions from the past years. Davis wrote many practice free response questions throughout AP environmental science and feel they have really prepared her for how to manage her time throughout the real exam. She also was provided with practice exam booklets that had questions and definitions for her to study.

“We wrote the practice free response questions for every test and closer to exams, we wrote four in one class to prepare,” Davis said.

After taking the AP government and politics exam, sophomore Michael Pettit feels pretty confident about how he did on the test. Pettit thinks that Mrs. Kimberly Drown covered most of the topics in class about the exam and felt it was pretty easy.

“The free response questions were really easy to me and I think that they will help me to get a good score on it,” Pettit said.

Pettit prepared for the AP government exam by doing study guides and participating in class discussions that went over notes. Pettit also looked at quizlets that had old AP questions on them and studied in that way and looked over old document based questions.

“I think that the practice DBQ questions helped to prepare me the most because they were really good practice,” Pettit said. “They helped me manage my time and have good idea of what it would be like during the real exam.”

Senior Kailey Beford took AP literature and AP calculus. Beford feels good about the AP literature exam and thinks she was well prepared for it. Beford studied and took practice AP exams online to study for the AP literature exam. Beford also wrote a lot of essays in class that helped her to see how much time she would be able to spend on each of the free response questions.

“I think I was well prepared for the AP literature exam because we wrote essays every time we read a book in class,” Beford said. “It was really good practice.”

The AP calculus exam for Beford was challenging but she thinks she managed to still get a passing grade. Beford studied the math equations and also did practice problems in workbooks to help prepare herself for this exam.

“I think the workbooks really helped me to see the types of problems that were going to be on the exam,” Beford said. “That is what might have gotten me the grade I need to get college credit for this class.”