Humanz by Gorillaz

After more than half a decade since their last album, Gorillaz released their fifth studio album, Humanz. Before the release, they dropped six singles from the track, including “We Got the Power”, “Andromeda”, and “Let Me Out”.

Gorillaz is one of the first virtual bands, a band consisting of fictional characters instead of a persona of an artist. The band was created by musician Damon Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett. Their debut album, Gorillaz, was released in 2001 with seven million copies sold. They struck popularity in the United States and United Kingdom with their britpop and alternative rock style. They soon developed more styles including reggae, rap, dub, and electronica.

The 26 tracks on the album consists of feeling and emotion towards the current world of politics. They based most of their albums on current events. This is their doomsday style of lyrics. The songs consisted of strong baselines, smooth piano riffs, and strong vocals. The slow groove of most of the songs is a mellowing experience, but the lyrics make the audience reflect on current issues.

After hearing the single “Saturnz Barz” earlier this year, I was excited for the album release designated for April 28th. I listened to the other singles they released and quickly fell in love. When I finally had the chance, I listened to the hour and nine minute album in one sitting. I believe that was the best way to listen to it since the songs flowed together perfectly. The six interludes made the element of the next song mix with the previous one. The bonus track, “The Apprentice”, quickly grabbed my attention with the hard bass hits and electronic rhythm. The vocals are smooth with booming punches.

I am excited to see the group release more music videos of the album songs due to the vibrant yet dark visuals. This album has made a great impression on me, making it love it as much as their second album, Demon Days. If you are interested in diving into an experience of collaborative music and art, check out Gorillaz.